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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Two New Puns for the New Year

Last time I said I'd blog about "missionary positions" and "grasping handshakes." But I've got two newer ones--you see, the Unintended Pun really does enter into everyday life if you just pay attention. So those will have to wait for another time.

Today's first Pun comes from an on-line discussion my son was having about a Sopranos episode. The other person had just described the plot, which included the characters discussing how best to carry out a hit.
January 10, 2014 My son, who had seen the episode, replied with regard to the other person's description of the plot: "That's dead on."

The best part? The target of the hit didn't die, making the pun sort of a double pun, or a reverse pun, or something.

Today's second Unintended Pun comes from the radio waves. Declaring it "Unintended" is always a bit dicey, since I can't know for sure that the speaker didn't intend it; please know that I try to err on the side of caution--there are enough Unintended Puns in my own life that I don't have to add more just to have something to blog about. In this case, it occurred during improvised patter, so I think I'm pretty safe.

If you are a Christian, and haven't listened to Brant Hansen on Air1, you really should give him and it a try. He's often funny, usually insightful, and has great discussions with listeners and his producer, Sherry. And Air1, a national network of radio stations, plays a nice selection of Christian rock and pop music. He's the DJ in the afternoons Brant's Page on Air1's Web Site

The Pun occurred when he was describing how you know when you've gone too far as a sports fan. It's a question I've asked myself many times over the decades. His answer was pretty simple, as many of his answers are: you've gone too far as a sports fan when your team loses, you let your grumpiness affect the way you treat your family and friends. I think that's very helpful, and I suspect a lot of sports fans would feel the same way.
January 120, 2014 Here's how Brant described how you should approach being a sports fan: "When your team loses, you slough it off. When your team wins, you celebrate woo-hoo! It's a no-lose situation."

The humor/pun of course, is that if your team lost, it is, in fact, a lose situation... for your team. But if you deal with it properly, it is a no-lose situation for you and your family--you had fun watching the game, or at least were able to pour some passion into something you enjoy, and afterwards, just go on with life. That's the right attitude.

Please post your Unintended Puns here, or comments on these Puns. Thanks for reading.

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