The unintended pun in everyday life.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two More Fun Puns

Our daughter woke up with horrible abdominal pain a few weeks ago, so bad in fact that we took her to the ER. The problem was not life threatening, but something that required a procedure (an endoscopy, or "scope" in the gastro-intestinal biz) that my wife the physician had suspected might be necessary based on symptoms from the previous day, and therefore had already set up an appointment for later that day. But because Claire had been admitted to the hospital, we cancelled the appointment, and therefore needed to set up another appointment with a different doctor.

October 11, 2011
Christine explained that she wanted to do a little research into this second doctor's practice: "I want to scope up the new doctor's office before I make the appointment."

Here is another one, also with a medical theme.

October 10, 2011
A colleague at work explained that he wanted to know the cost of the glasses before he bought them: "I wanted to know what I was looking at."

These Unintended Puns are so much fun--just don't point them out to anybody who isn't familiar with this blog. As we have discussed, they'll just look at you with a strange expression. But as you create a circle of friends and family (as with my family), you can point them out to each other and get a good laugh as you say them, or even get a good laugh as you stop yourself from saying what you were about to say.