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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Pun with Predictive Power?

My wife and I are in the somewhat long and somewhat unpleasant process of buying a property in the very pleasant town of Prescott. The house in question is very nice, backs to National Forest land, has most of the features we were looking for, all at a price we are willing to pay. After the home inspection conducted by a private inspector hired by us, we requested a number of items be repaired. This list, incorporated on a form called a "BINSR," included our request that two additions to the house, which had not been "permitted" by the county upon construction, now be formally submitted and approved for permits. As regular readers would suspect, I don't care much about the county issuing these permits. It's mostly a formality, allowing the local municipality to collect its fee for doing very little. But most people do care, so that later when we sell the house, we would need to get the permits. So we want to get the additions permitted now, before we purchase the house.
June 18, 2012 As my wife described her thoughts on this, she said: "If the seller isn't willing to do the permit work, things kinda fall apart."

Besides being a nice pun, as the process has moved forward since she said this, it has turned out to be something of a predictive pun. One of the additions is a deck--a deck that spans most of the back of the house--a great place to spend time out of the Phoenix heat, admiring the National Forest/Scrub, enjoying the great outdoors. But, turns out that the deck needs some shoring up, so would potentially fall apart if it were not worked on and properly repaired. Christine of course meant that the deal could fall apart if the seller were not willing to do the permit work, and the reason it was a pun in the first place was because we knew at least the railing and stairs had to be repaired. But I am giving this pun the Power of Prediction due to the added need for beams being replaced. So, we have a first--A Pun with Predictive Power.
Anyway, please post your puns. We love a good pun, especially when it's Unintended. I know they are out there. Just add them in your comments.