The unintended pun in everyday life.

Friday, October 12, 2012

No Predictive Puns, But Some New Ones

Turns out the deck didn't have to come down after all, though it was touch and go for several weeks. So last blog's pun didn't have actual Predictive Power, just the potential. We still don't own the property, either, but that's a story for another time, perhaps if someone utters a great Unintended Pun during closing. This time, I'll just post a couple of great recent puns, the first is one I thought, and the second was reported to me by a work colleague that he heard on the radio. We'll have to take his word on it, since I didn't hear it myself. If he made it up, he needs to start writing fiction--it's awesome.
October 4, 2012 As I was driving on one of the local NASCAR circuits on my way to work last week, everybody was passing a relatively slow-moving truck, which was dominating the road by taking the center lane. I thought to myself: "Trucks are a real problem on the 101. Everybody has to dodge them right and left."

I guess my favorite Unintended Puns, except probably for the ones that are truly hilarious (see below), are the ones that state a simple truth. "Dodge right and left" of course is exactly what drivers had to do to get around a truck in the middle of three lanes, but I just meant it in the sense of "dodging all over the place."

The second one comes from my work colleague, who heard it during an interview on the radio. Police in the subject city are going to be wearing minicams on their uniforms, to record all they do as a way to prevent unwarranted lawsuits, as well as to provide a sense of accountability for the police.
October 10, 2012 The interviewee said something like: "The camera makes the police press the pause button as they go about their work..."

Assuming he didn't say it on purpose, which is unlikely, this is really funny. The speaker reached into the part of his brain where recording equipment resides, looked for a metaphor to help describe the police's need to think twice about what they were about to do, and chose the exact right image to fit the situation for the speaker--and one that is the exact wrong thing to do in the situation that the police would be in. He or she is about to do something really bad to somebody (Taser a homeless person, punch somebody slumped over their car, or worse.): "I'll just press the pause button on this darn minicam. Nobody will ever know. bwahahahaha." Hilarious pun. And scary for the rest of, what with editing equipment available to splice something together to make the paused and re-started recorded session seem benign.

Please follow our blog, and report the Unintended Puns you come across. They'll help us understand our brains--and much more importantly, lighten our burdens and give us a laugh.